Whom Have I In Heaven But You God

As Believers, we should Acknowledge and Confess and Endeavor in Like Spirit to say “Nevertheless, Since I Belong to Christ I am Continually with God!”

~ Meditate on the Word of God Daily and Find Peace and Strength in His Presence! ~

Bible References – Look up:
Psalm 73:23-28

Christian Christian Meditation and Affirmations Podcast


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    • Kim
    • 02/02/2016

    After so much time, I am still enjoying these recorded blessings. I listen to them and feel the comfort of His Word, and the softness of your voice makes it such a joy to use these meditations as part of my early morning prayer time. My heart broke when I had all of them on m iPad and during one of their stupid updates, lost many of them. I searched diligently but they were gone. But I have this web site which remains a blessing.

    Thank you again, for these meditations and affirmations in the Lord.



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