Christian Meditation: Supernatural Healing Power Of The Word

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GOD’s WORD is GOD’s Medicine! ~ Boldly Confess Daily to Unleash GOD’s Healing Power in Your Life!

Christian Meditation: Supernatural Healing Power of the Word
Take “GOD’s Medicine” daily by meditating and confessing His Word in faith.

Meditate Scripture Affirmations from GOD’s Word – The Bible!

“He sent His Word, and healed them.”
— Psalm 107:20

This Christian Meditation CD includes over 47 scripture based healing affirmations, and a biblical prayer for health, to help you get started meditating the Word of God.

Watch as your spirit rises up STRONG within you, and I pray that GOD’s divine supernatural healing power be manifested in your body, to the praise and glory of our GOD!


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Greetings Christian Brothers & Sisters!

If you are struggling with health challenges, then I am so glad our paths have crossed today, because…

Supernatural, divine healing power is available from the Word of God for all believers. Psalm 107:20 says, “He sent His Word, and healed them.” And Proverbs 4:20-22 tells us that God’s Words are life to those that find them, and health to all their flesh.

GOD’s WORD is HIS Supernatural Healing Medicine!

In this Christian Meditation CD resource, CHRISTIAN MEDITATION: SUPERNATURAL HEALING POWER OF THE WORD,  you’ll find over 47 scripture based healing affirmations and also a biblical prayer for health. This audio resource was created to help you renew your mind to what the Word of God says about healing, to increase your faith, and to also help you receive the healing God has provided for you through Jesus Christ.

Keep in mind: God’s Word, Christian Meditation: Supernatural Healing Power of The Word CD TracksHis healing medicine, is something we must mix our faith with. Believing God’s Word has the capacity to produce healing is only the first requirement needed to receive it.

I’ll explain more about what this means and how to do it…

Just like any other medicine, if we want to enjoy its benefits, we have to actually CONSUME it. This is required to ACTIVATE it and RELEASE the supernatural healing power in our bodies.

You see, it is important to confess scriptures and biblical healing affirmations, like the ones in this Christian Meditation CD, out loud to yourself and meditate on them continually.

Why is this such a key thing you should know?

Because – CONFESSING and PROCLAIMING GOD’s WORD allows the Healing Energy and Power of His Word to Penetrate Your Spirit and Manifest Health in Your Body.

The simple fact is this: Confession of the Word of God calls for healing that is already yours, but not yet manifested in your body. Confessing and meditating on God’s Word is a way to deepen your relationship with the Lord and at the same time increase your faith.

Are you with me?

As Christian Believers we are called to Live by Faith – Believers Believe! Do you?

God’s will is that you live in health. However, God’s promise of healing has to be received By FAITH and it does not just come automatically. You release your faith through the words that come out of your mouth.

Why not speak God’s Words and unleash His supernatural healing power in your life? Lay claim to the healing promises that are rightfully yours by speaking them out loud.

Allow Divine Spiritual Forces to be Activated and bring God’s Promises to Manifestation.

If you want to be healthy then you need to have an image of health. Create a healthy image with GOD’s WORD and your continual affirmation and agreement with it.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”
— Proverbs 18:21

What you believe and speak affects your health!

So, when it comes to divine healing, you should declare what God’s Word says about you, regardless of your circumstances, or how you feel about them. You don’t deny that sickness exists; you simply deny its right to exist in your body by establishing what God says to be true concerning healing, even if it is not yet a reality in your body.

In other words, even if you are weak, hurting, and in pain, BOLDLY CONFESS, PROCLAIM, and AFFIRM the Healing Power of the Word of God with Confidence. Speak with power and authority and release your faith as you do!

Choose to speak life and strength to your mountain of sickness. Stand in unwavering faith knowing that the Word of God will accomplish what it was sent out to do. It will not return void.

Remember also, that healing is a process that sometimes happens quickly and in other cases happens over time. Refuse to let doubt creep in while you are waiting. Dwell only on the divine, supernatural healing power that is at work in your body… Eventually your flesh will reflect the life of God’s Word.

More About How this Christian Meditation Healing CD came to be and How it Can Bless You…

Christian Meditation: Supernatural Healing Power of The Word Bible Resource CDThis Christian meditation audio, CHRISTIAN MEDITATION: SUPERNATURAL HEALING POWER OF THE WORD, is simply a resource tool I personally created for myself. You do not need it to confess and affirm healing scriptures, but I believe it will benefit you and help you get started.

I spent many, many, hours pulling out these verses from the Bible and personalizing them into affirmations.

The first album I created, CHRISTIAN MEDITATION: RENEW YOUR MIND IN HIM, is based on renewing your mind to who you are In Christ – something I desperately needed.

Well, after struggling with some health challenges, that seemed to start bombarding me, one after the other the last handful of years, I also knew I needed to desperately renew my my mind with healing scriptures. I had lost a healthy image of myself and instead found myself dwelling more on being sick, in pain, and tired and fatigued.

Not surprisingly, the devil was on my case big time once I began creating this resource! I have been trying to complete this album for two years and have been up against major resistance in many forms; illness, computer problems, family issues, time and financial struggles, etc.  – you name it, it seems there was always something keeping me from completing this project…

BUT – GOD is GOOD ALL The Time! And I determined the end of last year I would do whatever it took to complete this album. I began crying out to the Lord for His help to abundantly manifest in my life and empower me to complete this project I started. I was sick of being sick, and I really did need to get this done and have healing verses I could listen to and meditate on at any time.

AND – I was sick and tired of being frustrated with letting any negative powers that be hold me back from doing what I really feel that GOD is urging me to do!

Life is short – tomorrow is not guaranteed, and I strive to always make the most of this gift called today – glorifying GOD – I want no regrets when I get to heaven and meet my Maker face to face! 🙂

I trust this Christian Meditation album, just like the previous one, will be a blessing to you. I know, and acknowledge it is not perfect, but neither am I. But from one sister in Christ, to another brother and/or sister in Christ, my desire truly is to bless you and the lives of your loved ones by sharing this recording with you!

This audio can be listened to at any time, during most everyday activities, but for the best experience it is recommended that you listen with headphones while in a relaxed, resting position.

Before you know it: these healing affirmations will be on the tip of your tongue and you’ll be empowered to replace any unhealthy thoughts and affirmations, that try to attack, with healthy affirmations that line up with the Word of GOD.

And now, as you begin to take “GOD’s Medicine” by Meditating and Confessing His Word in Faith, I pray that your spirit will rise up strong within you and GOD’s divine, supernatural healing power will be manifested in your body, to the praise and glory of our God!

May you be blessed to be a blessing!

Soar higher in Him –

God bless you,

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Thank You and Enjoy! 🙂



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